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A will is a legal document that expresses your wishes for how your property and affairs will be handled after you die. It can also name who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes, such as an executor and beneficiaries. A will is one of the most important documents you can have in your estate plan, as it can help you avoid legal issues, reduce taxes, and preserve your legacy for future generations. Many people falsely assume that drafting wills is for the wealthy or elderly exclusively, when in reality, wills are for everybody, and they are the cornerstone of any well-rounded estate plan. If you’re interested in drafting your will, simply contact a dedicated Broward County wills lawyer from The Probate Lawyers today.

Do I Need to Hire a Wills Lawyer? Can’t I Just Draft My Will On My Own?

Many people are under the assumption that they can draft a will on their own, as there are several free, online will-writing kits out there that claim they can do the job. Unfortunately, many of these people (or, more specifically, their families) will come to find that what they thought was a simple alternative route that would save them time and money actually cost them in the long run. Even a simple misphrasing can drastically alter the meaning and intentions of a will, so it’s always best to hire a seasoned Broward County estate lawyer to guide you through the process.

A knowledgeable attorney understands the various laws and regulations that apply to your specific situation, can help you avoid common errors and pitfalls, and review and update your will as your life changes, and store and protect your will in a safe place. An attorney can also help you determine what other documents you may need (e.g. powers of attorney, trusts, etc.) to have a comprehensive estate plan. Overall, when undertaking crafting your estate plan, it’s always best to have an attorney in your corner.

What You Can Outline and Cover in Your Will

Many people think that the sole purpose of wills is to determine who will inherit their assets. While this is one thing you can cover, wills can actually be much broader in scope. Just some of the things you can outline and cover in your will are as follows:

  • You can clearly specify who shall inherit your home, personal property (e.g. jewelry, memorabilia, etc.), accounts, business interests, digital assets, and more. The people you choose to inherit your assets are known as beneficiaries.
  • You can appoint an executor. Your executor is the person you choose to administer your estate according to your wishes. Being chosen as an executor is a big responsibility, so you must choose someone you trust. Typically, people appoint their children or spouses as their executors.
  • You can appoint guardians to care for your minor children, should you become incapacitated or unable to raise them on your own. Though no one wants to think about this, the truth is, if something were to happen to you and their other parent, if you don’t appoint guardians, the court will do so on its own, and though the court will try to look after your child’s best interests, no one knows this as you do. Appointing guardians of your choice can give you peace of mind, knowing your children will be raised by the right people, should something happen to you.
  • You can make funeral arrangements and specify how you want your body to be handled after you pass on (i.e. cremation, burial, etc.)
  • If you wish, you can also include any special messages or instructions that you want to leave for your loved ones, such as expressing your love, gratitude, forgiveness, or wishes. You can also make charitable donations or gifts from your estate.

Contact a Wills Lawyer Today

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to draft up a will, look no further than The Probate Lawyers Our firm is here to sit down with you, walk you through the process, and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today so we can get started.

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