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When planning for the future, many people put it off until it’s too late. Estate planning can be unpleasant, but this is necessary to help care for your loved ones after you pass. As such, it’s vital to take to get your estate in order. However, this can be a complex process, requiring the assistance of an attorney. If you’re unsure what to look for when retaining legal guidance, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll also discover how a Broward County estate lawyer can help you navigate this process.

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

An estate planning attorney is essential to help you plan for the future, as they will walk you through the process of getting your estate in order. Unfortunately, as people have many different assets now, from homes and bank accounts to Roth IRAs and NFTs, planning an estate has become a much more complex legal matter.

An estate planning attorney can help you do the following, among other things:

  • Create a will
  • Set up trusts
  • Decide power of attorney
  • Reduce estate taxes

There are many online websites that offer free or cheap PDF documents that allow you to create these by yourself. However, using these documents isn’t recommended, you may be unfamiliar with the laws and language used in them. As such, you may make errors that invalidate your plan, leaving your estate unprotected.

What Qualities Should I Look For?

If you’re ready to enlist the assistance of an experienced lawyer to help you through this process, you may not know what qualities to look for. The most important thing to consider is experience. This includes how long they’ve been practicing and where they received their education. You’ll also need to ensure that your lawyer is cleared to practice in your location, as this can influence the laws applicable to your plan.

You should also look for an attorney who explains things in detail in a digestible and understandable way. As this process can be confusing, you shouldn’t leave your attorney’s office without the utmost confidence that you know what’s going to happen to your assets.

Finally, you’ll want to feel as though your attorney listens to and understands any concerns you have. As each person and their estate are different, it’s essential for your attorney to create a plan that’s unique and suited to you and your needs. Your attorney should never make you feel bad for any concerns you have about your assets but work to ensure that your wishes are met.

If you’re ready to start estate planning, The Probate Lawyers can help. Our dedicated legal team has the necessary experience to guide you through this process. We will work tirelessly to help you feel confident in the future of your estate. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.