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For many of us, our pets are considered members of our family. For this reason, if you have a pet you love, you most likely want to ensure its well-being after your death or incapacity. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a pet trust, which is a legal arrangement that allows you to set aside funds and instructions for the care of your pet in case you are ever unable to do so yourself. Contact a knowledgeable and compassionate Broward County pet trust lawyer from The Probate Lawyers to learn more about pet trusts and how we can help you craft one tailored to your pet’s needs.

Pet Trust Lawyer | Here to Protect Your Pets

Creating a pet trust is an important and personal decision that requires careful planning. While you can use online forms or templates to create your own pet trust, you (and your furry friend) will be best served with a seasoned Broward County estate lawyer in your corner. Our firm can help ensure you cover all the bases in your pet trust, have sufficient funds within it, and that it is considered valid and enforceable under Florida law.

Pet Trusts in Florida

A pet trust is a type of trust that is created for the benefit of one or more animals that are alive during the trust maker’s lifetime. In a pet trust, the trust maker, also known as the settlor or grantor, is the person who creates and funds the trust. The trust maker will appoint a trustee, who is the person or entity that manages the trust assets and distributes them according to the trust terms. The grantor will also appoint a caregiver, who is the person or entity that takes physical custody of the pet and provides for its daily needs.

Importantly, grantors can also appoint successors who can take the place of the trustee or caregiver, should either party become unable to fulfill their duties at some point down the road.

What Can I Include in My Pet Trust?

As the grantor of a pet trust, you can include as many, or as few, specific instructions as you’d like. Just some of the most important bases to cover in your pet trust can include:

  • The name and description of the pet or pets covered by the trust
  • The amount and source of funds to be used for the pet’s care
  • The standard and frequency of care to be provided to the pet
  • The name and contact information of the trustee and the caregiver
  • The name and contact information of the trust protector, who is a person or entity that monitors the trustee’s and caregiver’s performance and can enforce the trust terms or remove and replace them, if necessary
  • The name and contact information of a remainder beneficiary, who is a person or entity that receives any remaining trust assets after the death of the last surviving pet
  • Instructions regarding how the pet’s remains should be handled after its death

Contact a Pet Trust Lawyer Today

If you are interested in creating a pet trust in Florida, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Probate Lawyers today. We are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, and we are here to help you rest easy, knowing your pets will be taken care of according to your wishes.

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