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Everyone should create an estate plan while they’re alive. Doing so can ensure their assets are handled and distributed according to their wishes upon their passing, among other things. If you’re looking to craft your estate plan, simply contact a dedicated Fort Lauderdale estate planning lawyer from The Probate Lawyers today.

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If you live or own property in Fort Lauderdale, you should strongly consider hiring a seasoned estate planning lawyer who can work to help you protect your assets and plan for the future. The Probate Lawyers is a seasoned estate planning law firm and trusted legal resource to clients here in Fort Lauderdale, and we are here to do everything we can to help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Estate Planning Services

The Probate Lawyers, P.A. handles the gamut of estate planning services on behalf of our clients, including the following:

About Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant city in southeastern Florida, known for its sunny beaches, cultural attractions, and diverse population. It is the county seat of Broward County, which has over 1.9 million residents. Fort Lauderdale is also a popular tourist destination, attracting over 13 million visitors annually.

In Fort Lauderdale, probate cases are handled by the Probate Division of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, which covers Broward County. The Probate Division has two locations: the Central Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale and the West Regional Courthouse in Plantation. The Probate Division handles matters such as formal administration, summary administration, ancillary administration, guardianship, and mental health.

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We believe in planning for tomorrow, and we know you do, too. If you need a competent estate planning lawyer in your corner, look no further than The Probate Lawyers Contact us today so you can tell us your story and your goals and so we can begin building a strategy to make those goals a reality.

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